You don't just want an application that works - you want it to work hard. The work we create represents a major aspect of many of our clients' business model. For some, it IS their business model.

A complete Workflow Management solution.

Designed to support the full process of CARES certification, from the initial application & auditing Steel mills, through to final provision of Certificates.

A complete Workflow Management solution.

The extensive auditing and testing requirements for reinforced steels, along with the supporting processes are all managed within this bespoke system.

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A Workflow and Client Management solution.

Designed to enable Credence to vet & screen employment candidates for their clients.

The Credence solution is a bespoke web-based (SaaS) system. The system is accessible at all times with the real time status of all checks, thus enabling the progress of each check to be monitored, and to download each reference in electronic format.

Multi-user level (internal / client / candidate), recruiting managers & individuals have their own login to access the online system. Once a candidate has completed their application form the details are assigned to the relevant team securely on-line. Clients are able to see the progress of each check and view any of the completed references, finance checks, DVLA checks, education verifications etc.

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A fully responsive website on the surface.

A comprehensive Airside driving testing and management system beneath.

AirDAT's training management solutions provide for supervised training, eLearning, supervised assesment and points administration within major international airports.

The AirDAT Training Management System (TMS) is a unique online application that allows airports operators and their associated stakeholders to effectively manage and streamline all of their training schemes.

Sitting behind the simple interface, is an extremely powerful, complex system. With tools to help with trainer licensing, booking scheduling including management of trainer assets like rooms, documents & assurance, complete online test management, a competency & skills tracker, fully integrated licence & permit issuing software, penalty scheme management as well as a full reporting & credit control suite.

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Groundbreaking B2C VoIP and digital landlines.

Providing a direct path for consumers to switch their PSTN landlines to VoIP. This fully enabled eCommerce solution provides seamless integration with card and direct debit facilities.

Fully mobile responsive, with an intuitive process-flow, this application includes integration with 3rd party fulfilment partners, enabling a fully-automated consumer-led purchase path all the way through to order to fulfilment.

With additional account registration and logged in functionality, this is a total self-fulfilment model for the customer with additional back-office administration functions to be able to support a custom-built helpdesk system.

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Gap analysis software

With custom surveys and advanced reporting to let businesses find the gap between employee and client perspective.

Inspired by Susannah Schofields book "Mind the Gap", the DiceMatrix model provides businesses with the opportunity to easily measure customer satisfaction against employee perception.

This bespoke development incorporates a registration model, internal management facilities, client management facilities, survey management, as well as an intuitive survey module enabling the standarddised capture of client and employee responses.

All data is analaysed and presented in a comprehensive report, clearly highlighting any gaps and presenting recommendations.

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